wyjątkowe nieruchomości



Khan Rea is created by enthusiastic people. People who want to, people who like what they're doing. They listen, think, follow the trends, fit and create. They're educated, open-minded, cheerful and energetic.

In Khan Rea, we live in a world of passion, the world of our Clients. We understand it. We understand our Clients and their passions.

Khan Rea - extraordinary people, extraordinary real estate.



Some say that what you need to do is: make a list of desired features, determine a budget, pick a district and... throw it into a search engine.

In Khan Rea we believe that dreams need to be followed. We will gladly devote the time necessary to understand those dreams and, if possible, face up to them.



A real estate can be sold... in a short amount of time. Or... at a good price. But never in a short amount of time and at a good price.

In Khan Rea we think that a compromise is needed.
We know how to reach the balance between the time and the price. And we know how to act on the market to make the compromise good.